In addition to quality, the development of all de Leev & Bo products always focuses on the holistic approach. The holistic approach means that all products are reinterpreted and then developed and produced with a sustainable focus on health and the environment.


Many of the products come from, or are being switched to, organically grown ingredients as quickly as possible. de Leev & Bo completely dispenses with ingredients such as palm oil. Another important aspect is the switch from industrial sugar to alternative sweeteners such as coconut blossom sugar or the development of sugar-free product alternatives.

When it comes to packaging, de Leev & Bo increasingly uses materials made from renewable raw materials and, where possible, does without plastic packaging or unnecessary additional packaging. All of the outer packaging of the de Leev & Bo tea bag ranges already consist entirely of biodegradable films. Presentation displays and product accessories are made from recycled materials from the company Puuuro in Oldenburg, Germany.